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Ulrich Marzolph

September 17 - October 5, 2012

Project Title: The Art of Illustration in Lithographed Books and Other Expressions of Qajar Art

Project Abstract: In a number of publications since 1997, I have established and contributed to the study of the art of illustration in lithographed books of the Qajar period. While this hitherto neglected field of Qajar art has now been defined and documented fairly extensively, numerous details remain to be studied. My particular interest lies in positioning the field of lithographic illustration in the general context of Qajar art. Lithographic illustration has to be compared to other expressions of "popular" art prevalent in the Qajar period, in particular illustrations on images behind glass, on stucco, on tiles, as well as on carpets or pieces of metalwork. Moreover, the extent of European influence versus inspiration drawing on the previous Persian tradition of manuscript illustration will have to be considered in detail. The result of this research will contribute to an adequate assessment of the social dimension of art in the Qajar period.

Ulrich Marzolph (Ph.D., University of Cologne, Germany, 1981) is Extraordinary Professor of Islamic Studies at the Georg August-University and a senior member of the editorial board of the Enzyklopädie des Märchens in Göttingen, Germany. Besides numerous publications exploring the narrative culture of the Muslim world - in particular Arabic, Persian, and Turkish folktales and popular literature - he has specialized in the study of lithographic illustration in nineteenth century Persian books. 

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Each of the four scholars selected by a juried review process in 2012 pursued research projects on the following theme: "Beyond "Decline" and Before "Modern": Later Islamic Art, c. 1722-1940."

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