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Wheeler Thackston

December 3 - December 18, 2010

During his residency at Shangri La, renowned translator Dr. Wheeler M. Thackston, Jr. translated Persian and Arabic inscriptions on selected pieces in the collections. Dr. Thackston is Professor Emeritus in the Near Eastern Studies Department at Harvard University and distinguished editor and translator of numerous Chaghatai, Arabic and Persian literary and historical sources. His best known works are Persian and Classical and Koranic Arabic grammars, as well as his translations of the "Baburnama", the memoirs of the Mughal prince and emperor Babur, and the memoirs of Emperor Jehangir, or the "Jehangirnama". He has also produced important manuals or editions of texts in Lebanese Arabic, Ottoman Turkish, Syriac, Uzbek, Luri, and Kurdish.

See Wheeler Thackston's Lecture

See Wheeler Thackston's Working Paper

In the video below, Dr. Thackston translates the inscriptions on the entry court doorway (64.1b).



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