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Water Features: Courtyard Fountain, Pool and Cascades, Mughal Garden

Shangri La’s water features—the central courtyard fountain, the pool and cascades, and the Mughal garden—are among the site’s character-defining elements. Long, low hedges of red hibiscus frame the swimming pool at the foot of the Playhouse. The vibrant red, yellow and magenta flowers accenting the landscape and water features throughout the site are popular colors seen in Hawai‘i and in Islamic culture.

Recognizing the importance of historic and cultural stewardship, staff at Shangri La and a team of consultants makes every effort to retain the physical and cultural integrity of architectural and landscape elements throughout the site. Environmental stewardship is also a high priority, particularly given Shangri La’s proximity to the ocean. Fresh water from the central courtyard fountain and Mughal Garden is recycled throughout other landscaped areas in order to minimize water usage requirements.


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