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Overall view of completed repair at cast stone architraves. Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Honolulu, Hawai'i. (Photo: Alison Chiu, 2011.)

At Shangri La, painted cast-stone architraves ornament the four exterior living room windows facing the ocean. After years of severe weathering, the architraves exhibited deterioration in the form of delamination, cracking and corrosion from expanded reinforcing steel.

In 2008, based upon recommendations from the Historic Structures Report, decorative cast-stone elements were repaired at necessary locations in order to minimize future deterioration at each window hood. Contractors, directed by DDFIA and a team of consultants, removed deteriorated sections of the cast-stone architraves. Portions of lower bead moulding were re-cast in prepared molds using fiberglass reinforcement bars, and then installed and painted. Conditions are monitored on a regular basis.

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