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Shangri La Internship Program

An Amazing Learning Opportunity
The Internship Program is a learning-centered experience guided by principles of mentorship and empowerment. Under the guidance of staff, interns are expected to be active designers and participants in their learning, conceiving an experience that develops the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to become a critically engaged museum professional.

Semester-based Internships
Internships at Shangri La are available on a semester basis in the fall (Sept-Dec), spring (Jan-April), and summer (May-Aug) in 10- to 14-week periods. We invite current or recent (within 18 months) undergraduate and graduate students who are considering a career in the arts, education, non-profits and museum profession to apply.

Shangri La is comprised of a museum and center with internship opportunities in each.
The Museum champions learning about Islamic art and design. It consists of Curation & Exhibitions, Collections Management, and Conservation. The museum creates and manages innovative onsite, offsite, and online exhibitions, and oversees and prioritizes research on, conservation of, and public access to our collection of over 4,200 objects.  

The Center is Shangri La’s department for public programs and educational and digital initiatives. The Center curates innovative and socially conscious onsite, offsite and online programs that broaden access to Shangri La’s collections and exhibitions.

Areas for internships include (opportunities depending):

  • Museum (Curation & Exhibitions, Collections Management, and Conservation)
  • Center (Public, Education, and Digital Programs & Initiatives)


Spring Internship Term

  • Jan-May 2019
  • 14-week period
  • Weekly commitment: 16-20 hours/week
  • Start/end times & schedule to be determined with supervisor
  • Stipend: $3,500 per internship

Spring 2019 internship opportunities:

Curation & Exhibitions (PDF)
Collections Management (PDF)

Application Deadline for Spring Internships:  November 15, 2018


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