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Engage your students' learning at Shangri La through tours, events and other resources.

Free school tours

Bring your students on a field trip to Shangri La and discover the arts and culture of the Islamic world. Tours are designed to meet Hawaii DOE curriculum standards. We have limited tour availability for students from grades 3 - 12. School tours are 75 minutes in duration. 

Free college tours

Field trips are available for college and university students. College tours are 90 minutes in duration.

To book a school or college tour at Shangri La please provide 8 weeks notice. We can accommodate up to 30 students in one visit, this includes teachers and chaperones.  

School Tour Request Form

Preferred Day of the Week for Your Visit (Select 3)
Preferred Time (Select 3)

Transportation Requirements

School buses cannot drive or park on-site at Shangri La. Mini and short buses are accepted and can be accommodated on-site so long as they do not exceed the length of 27 feet and a width of 8.3 ft. Reverse indicators must be switched off when reversing on-site. No idling is permitted while vehicles are on the site. The vehicle must be parked and turned off when loading and unloading passengers. Passenger pick up and drop off must be done in the designated loading and unloading area (Banyan Courtyard).

Are You Able to Comply with Shangri La Transportation Requirements?

Will your students be bringing bags?

Will any of your students require wheelchair access?

Shangri La has a lift, ramps and an accessible restroom for visitors in wheelchairs.

Please Kōkua
Museum Rules

Our museum is 80 years old. Many things inside of our museum are much older. Help us take care of our museum so that it can be shared with many people.

  • Enjoy the colors, lines, and shapes. There’s a lot to look at!
  • Keep your hands close to you. Our hands have oils that can damage the artwork.
  • Listen to the sounds of our fountains and landscape.
  • Watch where you step. Our museum has 53 steps!
  • Stay together in a group. We have many rooms. We don’t want you to get lost!
  • Store bags and items in our storage bin. We want you to be comfortable.
  • Sit on the cushions and relax!
  • Drink water at our water stations.
  • Ask our guides questions or to take you to the bathroom.
  • Have fun!

Read our visitor guidelines for school tours.


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