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Ikhlaq Hussain Khan and Amir ElSaffar

Nov 22, 2014

Location: Shangri La

Performers: Ikhlaq Hussain Khan and Amir ElSaffar 

Sitar virtuoso Ustad Ikhlaq Hussain Khan and Iraqi-American trumpeter and award winning musician/composer Amir ElSaffar will combine talents in an evening  performance that will include elements of traditional North Indian Delhi gharana sitar music, the Iraqi santur (a traditional Persian hammered dulcimer with 72 strings) and original genre crossing jazz infused with elements of each musicians’ respective cultures.

Ustad Ikhlaq Hussain Khan is a virtuoso sitarist from a long line of influential musicians of the Delhi Gharana dating back to the early 13th century. He studied music with prominent musicians including Ustad Imdad Hussain and the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar. He has performed throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, UK, Pakistan, and India. His most recent recording is Perfume of God (2009).

Iraqi-American trumpeter and composer Amir ElSaffar has created jazz with a cross-cultural impact combining it with aspects of Middle Eastern music and manipulating tones, melody, and harmony with distinctive imagination. He is a noted interpreter of the classical Iraqi maqam(improvisational) tradition, which he performs on the santur and as a vocalist. He has released four highly acclaimed recordings: and has received grants from the French-American Jazz Exchange (2013), Chamber Music America New Jazz Works (2009), and a 2013 commission from the Newport Jazz Festival.

Khan and ElSaffar also performed together at the Doris Duke Theatre on Thursday, November 20, 2014.

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