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Doris Duke’s Shangri La and the Global "Revival” of Moroccan Design

Aug 22, 2015

Location: Shangri La

Presenter: Ashley Miller

Scholar-in-Residence Ashley Miller explores Doris Duke and James Cromwell’s ca. 1937 commission of furnishings and architectural features inspired by “traditional” Moroccan design for Shangri La with consideration of how the couple’s Morocco commission participated in the rich commercial market for Moroccan arts and craft that had arisen by the 1930s. While this market was made possible through the French colonial campaign to “revitalize” Morocco’s historical art industries begun as early as 1912, it was through the transnational consumption of Moroccan art and culture in contexts ranging from world’s fairs to private commissions like Duke’s that Moroccan craft and design achieved a lasting presence on the international stage. 

Learn more about Ashley Miller's background and research on our Scholars-in-Residence page.

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