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February 8, 2024

The Equitable Futures Fellowship

The Doris Duke Foundation and Shangri La Presents The Equitable Futures Fellowship

Many of the world's biggest problems today stem from systemic imbalances of wealth, access, and power. Solving them requires an equitable approach to leadership that empowers previously unheard voices and is responsive to the complexity and interdependence of varied communities. Central to this is the vision and capability to put forth transformative actions and policies that reimagine concepts of power and governance. 

In answer to this need, the Equitable Futures Fellowship is a new program from the Doris Duke Foundation and the East-West Center for leaders from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds who aspire to create collaborative futures rooted in equity. Fellows will examine challenges and explore techniques to resolve inequity in its many forms, including gaps in income, health care, and education; impacts of the climate crisis; and challenges to societal pluralism.

Selected participants will include a diverse range of leaders and creative thinkers across government, communities, advocacy groups, media and technology, artists and entrepreneurs. This expanded view of who can create policies and positive change will ensure an array of unique experiences and ideas. Through a combination of in-person sessions in Hawai‘i and Aotearoa (New Zealand), plus regular virtual meetings, they will hear from top experts and engage in activities designed to enhance their knowledge, leadership capacities, and networks. The enduring skills and bonds they gain are intended to serve their communities and our world in building more equitable futures.

Learn more about The Equitable Futures Fellowship here.

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