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11:11 (Beautiful Patience)

August 19, 2023 - October 5, 2023
Manuscript Gallery, Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design

Sandra Saenz

An internationally-recognized makeup and visual artist, Sandra Saenz is disrupting the beauty industry and breaking stereotypes.

11:11 (Beautiful Patience) is a series of video performances by Shangri La Artist-in-Residence, Sandra Saenz, that encapsulate an emotionally charged journey of the artist’s experiences within the beauty industry while staying truthful in her faith-driven journey. 11:11 (Beautiful Patience) recounts the embrace of the truest self and freedom in overcoming inner self-doubt, perceptions, and stereotypes experienced by Saenz.

A Latina within the Muslim community and a hijabi within the mainstream beauty world, Saenz has used her prismatic identity to propel her artistic expressions as a way to dissolve assumptions and barriers – harnessing the power of social media through content creating to reach audiences and generate change.

Saenz’s work breaks past her own story, making a connection with the audience and encouraging all of us to find strength in patience. As we endeavor to challenge preconceived limitations of belonging and persist in our efforts to shape a more creative and inclusive future, her work serves as a guiding force.

Sandra Saenz, 11:11 (Beautiful Patience), 2023.

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